Our Approach

our approach

Work simplified.

We follow simple principles that make our Burst Coaching approach flexible, open, and easy to adapt.

We move quickly to solutions, so you can focus your energy and effort.

We want you to come away with clarity, clear next steps, and the confidence to get them done.

How Burst Coaching works:

We use workshop as a verb.
We ‘workshop’ your ideas, goals, and plans with you, so you can focus on the work you’re leading now.

We’re obsessed with how.
You know where you want to go. We help you make quick shifts, so you know how to get there.

We meet you where you want to go.
So we help you sync short-term activity with your long-term goals.

We include what you know.
We guide you to unlock your expertise and ideas. And we show you how to use what you know in new ways.

Growth is a system to unleash.
(Not a problem to solve).

Your growth is our singular focus.
Enough said.

Let’s make your work easier.