Burst Coaching Overview

burst business coaching

Make your work easier.

Burst Coaching allows us to work in short, concentrated ‘bursts of time,’ so you quickly see where and how to focus your effort.

In the length of a webinar or typical training seminars, we help you accelerate and simplify the work you’re leading today. And we connect your short-term work with your long-term goals, so you know you’re headed in the direction of growth.

Our interactive approach shifts confusion to clarity, ideas to actual plans, and your effort where it has the most value.

How can I tell if Burst Coaching right for me?

Virtual Burst Coaching

One on one

Is your work changing… again?

Does your work feel bigger than anything you’ve led before?

Are you excited about the big picture - and a little overwhelmed?

Do you know where you want to go, but confused about what must get done in the next 30 days?

Are you clear about your next steps?

Burst Coaching Workshops

One on one

Are you spending more time in meetings than doing great work?

Are you and your teams eager to collaborate to get work done?

Do have a clear vision for your business, but not what the next 90 days look like?

Are you convinced there’s got to be a better way to work together?

Is your work, role, or business changing (again)?

Let’s make your work easier.