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Work together.

Simplify the work your teams are leading today. We embed critical thinking, strategic direction, and project structure to help teams think creatively and make work easier.

Thriving in the Matrix

Quickly move you and your teams to new ways
of thinking, collaborating, and delivering great work.

Strategy Burst for Teams

Business Design • Strategic Direction
Simple Structure • Outcomes

Critical Thinking Workshops

Skills for the future and
the work you’re leading now.

Burst Coaching

One on One Coaching Packages for Teams
Lead • Grow • Simplify • Empower

What people are saying

“Working with Carolyn for only a few months has completely transformed the way that I work and the opportunity that’s in front of me. Because of our work together, I’ve already seen a tremendous impact in opportunities both personally and professionally. I’m excited every day about my work.”

“Throughout the coaching process I felt like I was able to make improvement in areas where I have struggled my entire career. I learned tools to help me clear mental blocks and determine my action steps, so that while I was advancing my stated goals, I also felt like I was developing the skills for new goals in the future. As a result, I feel like my thinking is more organized and I have greater confidence as a leader.”

“I was overwhelmed by the scope of a massive software development project. In just a few hours of Coaching, I had a clear picture how to get the project done. I felt so relieved. In a day, I built a 90-day plan, knew who to assign to which teams, developed budgets, and was able to confidently communicate all of this with executive and project teams.”

“You’ve given me so many tools and frameworks. I often find myself relying on what I learned from you.”

“In the 10 days after Coaching, I was able to re-build my entire website with minimal expense, using tools and tons of content I already had. The process really helped me to focus – and avoid the traps that had prevented me from tackling this daunting project.”

Let’s make your work easier.